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Mr. Don Sanders, owner and operator of Eastern Equipment & Supply has successfully managed the business for 8 years since 2009.  Prior to owning Eastern Equipment & Supply, he worked for Severn Peanut for 3 years as their operations manager.  From 1984 to 2005, Mr. Sanders was self-employed as a farmer.  His experience as stated has grown his knowledge and qualifies him to run and manage a successful business.  

Mr. Sanders has chosen his current career as the owner of Eastern Equipment & Supply, because he understands that business longevity of establishment and historical success makes for a great business opportunity.  His confidence in his career background motivated him to take a chance and own his own business.  

What separates Mr. Sanders from his competitors as a manager is that he focuses on customer service and achieves a profit by understanding his margins.  Mr. Sanders understands the work and sacrifice of owning a business and has the will, time, and support to successfully establish an expansion.